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10% Authentic Natural Aleppo Soap

10% Authentic Natural Aleppo Soap

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Authentic Aleppo Soap Natural Block 10% 

With 10% laurel oil. Discover the beauty secret of the Middle East! This soap is made by an original soap cooker from Aleppo using the ancient technique to cook the soap from 100% laurel oil and olive oil. It is free from artificial perfumes or coloring.

• Our products are 100% natural and handmade. We do not use any additional scent in olive oil hand soap bars.

•  High source of Vitamin E and Antioxidants.

• Therapy for the body. Safely use it for a bath, face, body man and woman, spa, or give the gift of nature to loved ones.

• For the all-over body daily use for your face and body as a cleanser and moisturizer.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Soap Base, Vegetable Oil, Water, nothing else. This product is manufactured with 100% natural ingredients.


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Lisa Jackson
Super Clean

I needed a soap for my oily skin and after some research on the internet, I discovered that Aleppo is the best. Luxur World has the best authentic Aleppo soap at reasonable prices. My skin is so soft and smooth, no oily patches. No blackheads either. The bar will last a long time. I will definitely buy again

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